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The founders of Live Life Well Clinic and Olive Grove Fitness, Dr. Jonathan Skelton and his wife Sarah, have personally been practicing yoga for over 15 years combined.

As a young mother, Sarah recognized early on the importance of taking care of herself. She sought to find a practice that was gentle on her body, but that also provided maximized fitness, anti-inflammatory and mental health benefits. Yoga became such a fulfilling part of her physical and mental health lifestyle that she eventually sought out the certifications needed to teach and pass on her passion to others.

Both Dr. Jonathan Skelton and his wife Sarah also felt it important to provide their clinic clients with a form of exercise that embodied tremendous mental health benefits not always seen with other forms of exercise.

What sets us apart at Olive Grove Fitness is our instructors. Each of our instructors is specifically trained and certified in Vinyasa Style yoga. This benefits you, whether you are a beginner or an experienced Yogi, because each instructor truly understands the goal of each and every pose. They can also help you by suggesting modifications of the pose which will allow you to achieve the most benefit for your practice. Our instructors have experience working with all skill levels, including high level athletes from local high schools and universities across several different sports. The local strength and conditioning coaches know their athletes perform better because of the instruction they receive from our certified instructors.

All of our classes are heated to 95 degrees. We offer All Level Vinyasa Style Yoga Classes as well as Yoga Workshops and even private Yoga instruction for individuals and small groups.

Yoga Classes and Workshops


I first discovered yoga about 18 years ago but did not start practicing regularly until about 2013. My fitness routine consisted mostly of long distance running with some weight training mixed in (with very little stretching or recovery), and as a result, I was constantly sore, stiff, and frustrated with my body.

Practicing hot yoga helped me feel better not only physically, but mentally as well. Yoga helped me find the mind/body connection I was lacking, allowing me to tune in to my physical body and listen to its signals. Each time I step on my yoga mat is a fresh start, as yoga is a uniquely personal journey.

I received my 200 HR yoga instructor certification in April 2018. I teach vinyasa style hot yoga, which simply means the practice of linking movement to breath. My classes are all levels, from brand new beginner to seasoned yoga practitioner. I love to invent creative flows to help my students tune in to their own physical bodies and reap the many benefits yoga has to offer.

On a personal note, I live in Lubbock, Texas with my husband, Dr. Jonathan Skelton, and we have three children, Addison, Daniel, and Ainsley. If I’m not practicing yoga, I’m usually riding my Peloton, running outside, traveling and/or hanging out with my family, playing with my dogs, or doing projects around the house. I hope to see you in class very soon!


I fell in love with yoga during my first class as a student in 2006. I was drawn to the energy, strength, and mindfulness and encouraged to incorporate the practice into my life. Several years later, I jumped on the opportunity to deepen my practice and become a teacher to spread the goodness of all things yoga and help others. I value the concept of “trust the process” and will incorporate this thought into my classes. I want to create a comfortable environment where my students feel motivated, accepted, and challenged both mentally and physically…..a place they can go to “let go” or “seek within” and always “find peace”.


I started my yoga journey in 2017, and began my training to be an instructor the following year. For quite some time prior, I was interested in movement like yoga, along with meditation. I’ve always been active physically, but I knew I needed something restorative for my body and mind, especially as I grew older. Since 2018, I’ve taught hundreds of classes and enjoy the community I’ve been privileged to get to know.

I love being a part of someone’s beginning experience with yoga, because I love showing someone that it is a practice for everyone. There are so many layers to yoga, and I pride myself in being able to meet someone in whatever parts of yoga they want to explore. I believe movement, along with a well used mind, creates the Fountain of Youth. I am all about longevity, because I want to be able to play (live life) for as many years as possible, and be as mobile as possible during those years as well.


Over 10 years ago, I was a mom of a 4yo and almost 2yo. I needed a break. I needed to do something for myself. I needed to restore my identity as an individual not just a mom. I found yoga and there in, I found everything I was needing and more.

 I began practicing yoga in 2011 and teaching in 2012. I believe everyone needs yoga. I believe everyone can do yoga. I believe that once you begin the practice your life will improve in ALL areas. At least, this has been my experience and that of my students over the last 10 years. I love working with all levels of yogis. From the new beginner to the elite athlete. I have been trained in power vinyasa, yoga assists, children’s yoga and yoga for sports.

I teach in studio classes as well as private lessons and I work with athletes. Over the last 5 years I have had the privilege of working with Texas Tech Men’s and Women’s Basketball Teams, as well as the Men’s & Women’s Tennis Teams. It is always fun to see how yoga improves the athletes’ physical and mental performance on the court, and aids in injury recovery when needed.

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We at Live Life Well know that sometimes the greatest detriment to our health is our mindset. In certain circumstances, there is a legitimate need for medication for the treatment of mental health disorders.



At Live Life Well, we believe in the possibility of chronic disease reversal through lifestyle modification.

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