Thyroid and Hormone Imbalance

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“Your labs are normal, your thyroid is fine.”
Many patients of traditional medicine hear this from their provider, yet still suffer from obvious Thyroid symptoms.

Most Thyroid clients come to us having struggled for years with chronic fatigue, stubborn weight gain, depression, anxiety, infertility, PCOS, migraines, mood swings, painful and irregular menstrual cycles, difficulty transitioning through menopause, and a host of other symptoms only to find that if they had a few more tests, their Thyroid disease and hormone imbalances could have been detected and treated much sooner.

Did you know that Thyroid disease is often the result of a viral infection or an underlying autoimmune condition?

Did you know this type of Thyroid dysfunction doesn’t always show up in the traditional testing of the TSH and T4 profiles that most providers order?

When it comes to Thyroid testing and treatment, less is not more!

Thyroid Testing and Treatment involves several key components:

  1. Ordering the right tests to evaluate the Thyroid function:  Testing and an exclusion or dismissal of symptoms is where many patients are losing out. Traditional testing only includes 2 key metrics whereas comprehensive testing includes labs for viral infections, mineral deficiencies, multiple hormone panels as well as a detailed examination of client symptoms. 
  2. Finding the underlying cause of the Thyroid dysfunction:   Finding the root cause is similar to number one but involves  determining whether this is an isolated Thyroid issue or if your Thyroid condition is the result of a current or previous infection, autoimmune disease or other condition.  To get to the root cause, a thorough battery of testing needs to be pursued based on your individual situation.        
  3. Utilizing correct lab ranges to determine “normal” or “out of range” for each unique client:  It is alarming how often we see clients who tell us they have seen their traditional primary care provider or Endocrinologist and are currently on medication but are still experiencing symptoms.  Many times this can be attributed to the practitioner utilizing the Standard Range of labs rather than the Optimal Range. The Standard Range is used to define potential organ dysfunction, whereas the Optimal Range is used to define the range at which the organ system being measured is performing its’ best.  Many patients will be within the Standard Range but outside of the Optimal Range, this will be the cause for their ongoing symptoms despite being told “everything looks good”. Our standard practice is to always utilize the Optimal Range.
  4. Individualized Treatment: Most primary care providers and endocrinologists utilize a one-size-fits-all approach to thyroid treatment. This approach paired with lack of extensive testing can often lead to patients taking a prescription medication that not only won’t fix the underlying cause but can often worsen symptoms and root causes and lead to other health conditions. Our philosophy for treatment is to look at each thyroid lab test and determine which treatment is best for the client in front of us, rather than what a protocol dictates.

If you’ve been told your labs are normal and in range but are still experiencing debilitating symptoms, we would love to visit with you on a FREE DISCOVERY CALL about our approach to Thyroid Treatment and how we might be able to help.

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