At Live Life Well, we believe Yoga is a great form of exercise and also embodies tremendous mental health benefits that are not always seen with other forms of exercise. The ability to concentrate on your practice and where you are at that moment is something we need to be mindful of each and every day. Yoga helps us achieve that in the hour we spend on our mats, clearing our mind of the pressures of the day and just being present.

What sets us apart is our instructors. All of our instructors are specifically trained and certified Yoga Instructors. This benefits you whether you are a beginner or an experienced Yogi, because they truly understand the goal of each and every pose. They can also help you by suggesting modifications of the pose which will allow you to achieve the most benefit for your practice. Our instructors have experience working with all skill levels including high level athletes from local high schools and universities across several different sports. The local strength and conditioning coaches know their athletes perform better because of the instruction they receive from our certified instructors.

We offer Hot All Level Vinyasa Yoga Classes as well as Yoga Workshops and even private Yoga instruction for individuals and small groups. All of our classes are heated to 95 degrees.

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We at Live Life Well know that sometimes the greatest detriment to our health is our mindset. In certain circumstances, there is a legitimate need for medication for the treatment of mental health disorders.



At Live Life Well, we believe in the possibility of chronic disease reversal through lifestyle modification.

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